How ItWorks

How It Works

IAQURE® - Innovation
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Micro-organisms and VOC’s are continuously released in commercial buildings and it is important to effectively keep the counts under control, since the generation of these pollutants are dynamic and cannot be predicted. The air cleaners available in the market are expensive and have limitations in addressing the problem at its source. They are not capable of handling large volumes of air present in commercial office buildings, most of which are air-conditioned by central plants and air handling units.

This challenge sparked off the inspiration to design an innovative and effective solution that addresses the above issues and provides centralized decontamination of Air at the source.

The system combines UVGI (ultra violet germicidal irradiation) and Photocatalytic oxidation technology in a module which aesthetically integrates with the AHU.

When UV-C rays irradiate onto the photocatalytic reactor coated with Nano particles of titanium dioxide, hydroxyl radicals are released, which react with the contaminants present in air and oxidize them into harmless by-products.

The Photocatalytic reactor is designed to maximize the contact of air molecules mixed with pollutants, passing through the system since this is critical for effective decontamination of air. This reduces the by-pass factor and effectively destroys pollutants, thereby decontaminating the air.

Iaqure® Features

  • Iaqure® solution is designed for dual contamination, air as well as surface

  • The system eliminates bacteria, virus, mold and carcinogenic VOCs

  • Our UVGI system is UL certified

  • An integrated microprocessor controller monitors system functionality and diagnostics

  • We offer customized solutions for new as well as retrofit installations

  • Iaqure® incorporates world-class UVGI and PCO technologies

Iaqure® Advantages

IAQURE® solution is Green Pro certified

IAQURE® Indoor Air Quality Analyzer is Green Pro certified

UL Certified UVGI system

Increased Productivity & Lower Absenteeism

Improved Heat Transfer – Power Savings

Enhanced Coil Life – Lower Maintenance Costs