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IAQURE® is a Green Pro certified, revolutionary, patent (pending) air decontamination solution from the global conglomerate, Sterling and Wilson Pvt Ltd. IAQURE®, with its innovative design, has been launched to improve Indoor Air Quality in commercial real estate buildings, by enabling dual decontamination of the air.

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Is your perception of air-conditioned office space skewed? All air-conditioned office spaces seem clean but in reality, they are home to high volume of bacteria, pathogens, mold, VOC's and formaldehyde among other pollutants.

IAQURE® comprises of innovative modules that have been designed for dual decontamination, of both air and surface, to ensure not only higher kill rates (germicidal), but also a superior performance. In addition to new projects, the modules also address the constraints usually seen during retrofit applications, and allows it to be an ideal solution for existing and new buildings. Furthermore, the PCO technology which forms a part of the solution neutralizes the VOC's (Volatile organic compound) that are extremely carcinogenic and can be found in indoor air.


Awards and Certificates

Iaqure® Advantages

IAQURE® solution is Green Pro certified

IAQURE® Indoor Air Quality Analyzer is Green Pro certified

UL Certified UVGI system

Increased Productivity & Lower Absenteeism

Improved Heat Transfer – Power Savings

Enhanced Coil Life – Lower Maintenance Costs