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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that air pollution is the second leading cause of death in India?

This is not limited to the outdoors alone with dust, smog and other chemical pollutants that are commonly released into the air by vehicular movement. Studies have shown that indoor air contamination is actually 2-5 times worse than outdoor pollution. Most people believe that once they enter an air-conditioned building that has controlled temp and humidity, they are insulated from polluted air. The truth is that the air we breathe indoors actually contains higher levels of pathogens, bacteria, mold and many other carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it several times worse than the air outside.

What causes Indoor Pollution?

  • The Air Handling Unit (AHU) of most commercial buildings is a breeding ground for mold, fungus and bacteria given its damp, dark and moist environment.
  • When air passes through the AHU at high velocities, it dislodges these pollutants and propels them into the air distribution system cooling the office space.
  • This air gets re-circulated, picking up more pathogens, microorganisms and harmful VOCs with each pass, cross-contaminating the entire office space.
  • This leads to what is known as the ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, with allergies, asthma and other contagious ailments showing up among the occupants resulting in loss of productivity.

On an average people spend 8-10 hours at their workplace, thus exposing themselves to these dangerous indoor air pollutants, including deadly pathogens and harmful chemicals. These physical, chemical and biological elements present in the air within any building are known to adversely affect the comfort, health and overall wellbeing of individuals who occupy these spaces.

Additionally, in a bid to conserve energy, often the supply of fresh air coming into the building is restricted. This is because the outdoor air is warmer, increasing the cooling load and the power consumption of the air conditioning system.

IAQURE® helps decontaminate and improve the air that you breathe. Our dual decontamination technology destroys the contaminants that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Our solutions deliver world class indoor air quality ensuring a healthy working environment and increased productivity.